Yorkshire Fossil Festival

The Yorkshire Coast is one of the best places in the world to walk with dinosaurs. The Jurassic cliffs between Staithes and Scarborough have yielded huge numbers of fossil dinosaur footprints, and scientists from all over the world come to North Yorkshire to better understand how dinosaurs lived and behaved.

In a live "Chalking With Dinosaurs" event, palaeontologist Dr Liam Herringshaw of Hidden Horizons and the Yorkshire Fossil Festival will explain how we try to make sense of fossil footprints, and how you can make your own dinosaur trackways in the comfort of your own home!

Chalking with Dinosaurs
Watch here...

What you need to take part
  • CWD Burniston Footprint worksheet.
    You are free to print and make your own actual size trackways around the house, or use it as a template for chalking round.
  • If you are completely indoors:
    You need pens, pencils, paper, card, scissors and tape measures/rulers to make their own paper/card footprints and/or trackways (although you could also go rolling with dinosaurs:
  • If you have access to an outside area:
    You need pavement chalks and a tape measure; or
  • If you have access to sand or mud you can walk in (such as Scarborough beach!):
    All you really need is a tape measure for footprints and trackways.
  • A camera is always useful to record your prints/tracks for posterity